Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Broadband Speed

Current version is v1.07 dated 12/11/2009

Speed TestBefore you take this test, have you taken our Internet Speed Test? If not, you should!
Broadband Test

Do you own a website? If so, did you know you can offer this broadband speed test to your visitors? It is easy to install and you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes! You will need PHP or ASP (most web hosting companies use this).

You'll find similar broadband tests available on the internet, but you have to pay a yearly or monthly licensing fee; not so with ours! Yup, you can offer your visitors a great utility without paying a cent.

Many of our visitors have requested that logging be added to our broadband speed test, so that is exactly what we have done. If you choose to run this free utility with logging, then you will have detailed stats you can use as you see fit!

We went the extra mile and made the logging so that it occurs outside of the flash environment and happens inside a php or asp file. The broadband speed test comes with a default php file which you can use, but the beauty of it is that you can modify this file to record stats however you like (text, sql, access, etc).
Broadband Testing Popularity!

You'll find that your broadband speed test will be well received and become very popular! So popular in fact, that some visitors will keep taking the test over, and over and over… Why? - let me explain.

It happens like this - a visitor finds your free broadband speed test and tells everyone inside their organization. That organization is massive and although they all have individual IP addresses internally, they have only one (or a few) external addresses.

Because the organization uses only one external IP address, the logs show that one visitor (IP) took the broadband speed test 200 times! This is were the cool part of logging comes in - the log file can record the users IP address and a limit could be set based upon the number of times the broadband test was taken.

A message could appear that would say something like:

We see that you have taken the broadband speed test 10 times today and have reached the daily limit. If you didn't take the test yet, then others from your organization may have and there is no need to retest. Here is the average result from your organization (or IP address).

Regardless of how you install the test, you have a ton of possibilities on how you want to record and / or limit the broadband speed test.
Broadband Speed

So Jim, what is the catch? How can I get this installed on my site?

All I ask for is that you not use this test on inappropriate sites and let others know where you found the test, either by providing a link to our speed test, our security services or one of our other free tools on a page indexable by search engines. This broadband testing tool was created to help promote my site, help me do that and you're welcome to use of the test (if you didn't like it, you wouldn't use it right?)

* If you're an ISP or other company other than a personal website owner, you need to contact me for more details and receive authorization before using the test; authorization is good for a year at which time you'll need to contact me again for continued use (this ensures that any site is never 1 year behind on updates).

This broadband speed test is ready to start making you money, all you need to do is replace your ad code with the default ad code found inside the index.html file.

Here are some cool icons you may be interested in using to give me credit or to tell others about my free speed test.


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