Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Cool Ways To Tag Your Friends In Facebook

So what does it mean to be tagged?  I remember being young and playing tag or hide and seek and no one wanted to be tagged.  Being tagged meant you were “it” remember?
Today, at least on Facebook (become a fan of MakeUseOf), people don’t seem to mind being tagged so much. With Facebook there are some cool ways to tag your friends.  Let’s go through some of them.

1.  You Can Tag Your Friends In Photographs That Contain Their Faces

This is the most obvious use of tagging, I think.  The idea is that if you, or one of your friends, upload a photo (also learn how to automatically insert photo captions when you upload to Facebook), you can tag people you recognize in it.  As long as the person you recognize is on your friends list, you can tag them in photos.
It’s easy and fun.  Just navigate to the photo and click the tag link at the bottom right of the photo.
You’ll be given a cross-hair for a cursor.  Use that cursor and click the face of the person you are tagging.  At that time a list of your friends will show up.  Just scroll to find the right friend or start typing the name to narrow the list.
When you are done tagging people, click the “done tagging” button to save everything you’ve done.
See?  Easy-peasey.  And to add to it all, the person you tag will get notified.

2.  You Can Tag Your Friends In Those Silly Tagging Memes

A lot of people really get into these things.  They enjoy looking through the pictures and drawings containing characters that describe different attributes people may have.  For instance, in the meme in the screenshot below, my wife and I were tagged as “The Inseparable” which I accept with pride.
Tagging in this instance works the same way, just in a picture that doesn’t contain an actual photo of the person being tagged.  It’s kind of cool being tagged on Facebook in this manner.

3.  You Can Tag People In Photos Where They Do Not Appear – Just To Notify Them There’s A Photo You Want Them To See

The idea here is that when you see a photo you want one of your friends to check out, you can tag them in it.  For instance, I often see photos with someone’s children in them so they get tagged.  The child may not have a Facebook account but the uploader still wants the parent to see the picture.
Like I said, when you are tagged in a photo, you are notified.  To be honest, although I understand why people do this, it still annoys me.  If I see that someone is tagged in a photo, and I check it out, I’d like to find that person in it.  That’s just my personal opinion.  It’s still a cool way to tag someone on Facebook.

4.  You Can Tag Someone In A Note

Note tagging is very similar to photo tagging and almost as cool.  The idea is the same.  You tag someone in a note for the same two reasons: they are mentioned in the note (probably the actual proper use) or you want someone to be notified so they can read it.  I have been personally tagged in several of my friends’ notes but mostly so I get notified.

5.  You Can Tag Someone You Are Mentioning In A Status Update

Another cool tagging option you have is the “@” tag in status updates.  I haven’t seen this too much yet which tells me that not too many people realize it’s even possible.  Any Twitter user realizes that when they mention another user, they just type “@” and the username so they are notified that they were tagged.  Facebook finally jumped on that bandwagon and now Facebook folks can do it too.
When writing a status update, type the “@” symbol and begin typing a friend’s name.  A list should show up allowing you to choose them from it.  When you do this, the name turns into a link and they are notified that you mentioned their name.  This is cool because now people can know when they are being talked about so they can join the conversation.  Notice that you can also tag groups and pages in this manner.
Facebook, as one of the most popular social networking sites, has done a good job in the area of tagging.  I think tagging in general is cool because it brings people together in unique ways.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can also remove tags referring to yourself if you don’t like the idea of being mentioned some place.
These are 5 cool ways to tag friends on Facebook.  If I have missed any, please share in the comments.  What is your opinion of tagging?  Do you think it is cool tagging and being tagged?  Do share.


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